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Implementation of Excellence

The factory of the safety solutions provider ASSA ABLOY in the Swabian Alb employs approximately 400 people. In order to organise the work of an international company with 160 branches and strengthen the specific strengths of the company, the management of ASSA ABLOY analyses existing strategies.

Implementation of the Total Quality Management allows employees to better perceive the existence of a common goal, which directly and positively influences the results of the work. This has facilitated changes in the whole company - formerly we were process oriented and now we already are result oriented.                                                      

 Achievements and continuous improvement

The suggestions gained from questionnaires have facilitated healthy internal competition. The departments can clearly see the progress made according to the previously set goals.

Implementation of strategic goals has made the following changes in the performance indicators:
- work has become more purposeful;
- the status of individual departments has become transparent;
- healthy competition has been established;
- direct impact on the economic indicators of the company has been made;
- the enthusiasms of employee groups has increased;
- it is easier to monitor the results.



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