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Pricelist for educational organisations

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This product is available only in Latvia.

500 €
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500 €

GOA-WorkBench® licence for 1 year covering self-assessment, continuous improvement planning, reporting and survey modules with unlimited amount of users.

500 €
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500 €

This course is available only in Latvia.

50 €
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50 €

This course is available only in Latvia.

600 €
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600 €

Internationally licensed assessor training trains participants in 2 days basics about excellence principles with a focus on both EFQM and national standards, self-assessment process and continuous improvement. Price for 1 participant.

500 €
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500 €

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How to buy or order GOA-Solutions®

If you are interested in GOA-Solutions® products or packages, you can proceed to the online software subscription, the invitation-to tender or send us a request to get known more about our products and services.

Software subscription  can be done through our purchase form and paid with various credit and debit cards or via the internet banking systems. All transactions are done online and your purchase will be confirmed with a payment statement. Payment security as well as  client support for the payment process is provided by a specialised banking tool provider.

The invitation-to tender option gives clients the possibility to agree on the service details with the provider before a final order is processed. 

Request the information gives clients chance to ask more details about GOA-Solutions® methodology. 

GOA-WorkBench® licence

GOA-WorkBench® online software tool gives users opportunity to run an organisation's self-assessment an a modern, easy and flexible way.

GOA-WorkBench® allows you to:

1. Administrate the  assessment process

2. Build the self-assessment team and define users roles and responsibilities

3. Involve relevant stakeholders in surveys

4. Edit the self-assessment catalogue

5. Assess organisation’ s performace against the 9 criteria

   a. Assess the current situation and give sufficient evidence

   b. Assess the urgency for improvement and mention ideas for improvement

6. Monitor the assessment process

7. Consolidate the team assessment

8. Generate an assessment report

9. Select and prioritise ideas for Improvement planning

10. Create, plan and manager an improvement process

11. Monitor the progress

Training and Coaching

For our clients we offer two training and three coaching options to help them to better understand the excellence principles, get practical knowledge of self-assessment and application of continous improvement processes in their organisations.


1) Bespoke training course for individual organisations "How to start with Excellence" trains participants in 4 hours basics about excellence approach and self-assessment procedure. Course is supported with 2 practical exercises - working with GOA-WorkBench® online tool and local case study.  Training course is organised as individual training event for people from single organisation with maximum of 8 participants. Date, location and language (English or Latvian) is individually agreed. 

2) "Introduction to Excellence" trains 8-12 participants in two days in the basic principles ofexcellence , the self-assessment process, the concepts of continuous improvement and gives an overview of the main Euroean Excellence Models with a special focus on EFQM. The course is concipated as 50% theory and 50% practical work including a case study and working with the GOA-WorkBench® online tool.  Training language is eithger English or Latvian language and the course is organised in Riga, Latvia.

More about training including the calendar, you can find in downloadable descriptions inside of the pricing list.


1) Coaching Level 1 is a half-day discussion session between the assessment team and an international Excellence Coach supported by local expert. The Coach will help the client to define a first set of “Strengths” and “Areas for Improvements” and understand how to develop a route map for future organisational development from this. Date, location and language (English or Latvian) is individually agreed. 


2) Coaching Level 2  provides three days of an internationally recognised Excellence expert to facilitate the customer organisation’s first self-assessment on two working-days plus ann additional day for supporting the team during results consolidation and prioritisation of areas for improvemnt and defining a first roadmap for the Journey towards Excellence. Date, location and language (English or Latvian) is individually agreed. 



3) Coaching Level 3 represents the complete facilitating process of Coaching Level 2 and offers additionally four days for supporting the development of an EFQM Management Document + the application form out of the results according to the regulations of the “Committed to Excellence” (C2E) Reconition process. Date, location and language (English or Latvian) is individually agreed.


More information is available as a downloadable descriptions inside the pricing list.

Our Trainers

The training will be held by internationally recognisedEuroBEN experts, who are also EFQM licensed trainers and active EFQM Award Assessors They are supported by local experts with experience as Excellence co-trainers and and with strong knowledge of THE GOA-WorkBench® tools.

International trainers:

C.-Andreas Dalluege, president and founder of EuroBEN; Licensed EFQM Advisor & Trainer and Award Assessor & Team Leader for the EEA, Certified Assessor for CAF & International Project Excellence Award. Author of several books on Excellence.

Andre Haynes, member of EuroBEN, Award Assessor & Team Leader for the EEA,  EFQM Licensed Trainer, EFQM Faculty Member and author of the EFQaM Internal Assessor Training.

 Supporting local trainers:

Vanda Novoksonova (Vascenkova), Senior Partner of Eurofortis IT SIA, certified Internal EFQM Assessor and assessor trainer (IAT) with experience in being assessor of international EFQM Excellence award, Latvian Quality awards for Medical sector and International Quality Innovation Awards.

Adela Vitkovska, Senior Partner of Eurofortis IT SIA, certified Internal EFQM Assessor (IAT) with experience in being assessor of Latvian Quality awards for Medical sector and International Quality Innovation Awards.

More detailed trainer descriptions are available in training description.