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What is Excellence?


Already for 25 years European leading organisations have been using EFQM Excellence Model which is one of the three world-wide Total Quality Management instruments.

EFQM Excellence model as a philosophical background in combination with organisational self-assessment and continuous improvement implementation creates the base for the organisation’s excellence, sustainability and future success.

To become strong and successful your organisation has to find the spirit of excellence to be always a bit better than you are today. EFQM Excellence model helps you to do this in the structured direction focusing on areas that matter to you directly and not just giving some generic ideas about „ideal organisations”.


Have a look at EFQM Excellence model and its impact!

... the cogs of the enabler criteria link into each other to move the big results-wheel which moves the cograil of the business results upwards...

How does the excellent NGO differ?


Various European associations using the EFQM Excellence model have demonstrated that their key results as the satisfaction of their customers and society are much better in benchmarking comparison with other organisations. Their prestige was increased and personal empowerment of the staff and their members was improved after EFQM Excellence model implementation.


Sustainable and continuous development of non-profit organisation can be ensured by following excellence principles in strategy, leadership, people, processes and resources that are linked and developed by all people involved.