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average school

excellent school

Lack of team spirit and motivation

Average results and satisfaction level

Unclear vision and longterm goals

Low cooperation and knowledge sharing  between teachers

Highly motivated and dynamic people

Satisfied students, parents, future employers and society

Integrated and shared vision by everyone

Modern teaching methods and effective way of knowledge sharing between teachers

...place where motivated students meet happy teachers...

Yes, also your school can become excellent!


"According to School Rating in Latvia Dobele State Gymnasium acquired 3rd place in 2014. We believe that we may be grateful for our achievements to Excellence approach based on EFQM Model we have implemented in our school."

- Kristine Pakule, Vice director of Dobele State Gymnasium

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Excellence brings benefits to everyone involved.

Let us make a first step to excellence with GOA-Solutions®!

GOA-Solutions® makes the pathway to excellence safe and easy!

Excellence in educational organisation

- Excellent educational organisation stands on three main pillars - excellent teachers using modern methods, excellent school leadership and satisfied students, parents and all other stakeholders.

- GOA-Solutions® covers a complete package, starting with the user-friendly GOA-WorkBench® software tool and supplementing this with various levels of training and optional coaching which brings you the advantage of fast and easy acceleration of excellence process in five simple steps..

- GOA-Solutions® helps you to organise web-based self-assessment, consolidate the returned data, prioritise improvement ideas and transfer them into well-planned projects. The possibility to interchange face-to-face meetings with tele-work offers you the opportunity to work in less time pressed and more relaxed atmosphere, offering everybody their own personal benefit as an outcome from the Journey towards Excellence.


Become a part of an excellent school!
Let’s take care about the school future together!



Our partners and networks

GOA-Solutions® helped many schools.

Take your inspiration from them!

  • "GOA-Solutions ® solution is easy to work with for any person involved - the employees and even the students and the parents were involved in process of giving the suggestions for improvement."

    - Dobeles State Gymnasium Director  Inese Didže

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  • “The advantage of self-assessment and of the other inquiry tools of GOA-WorkBench® lies in achieving valid evidence in a very short time span. The inquiry is rapidly implemented and distributed, answers can be read with one click, analysed with a second. The self-assessment highlights strengths and makes your development potential trans-parent. On this basis, positive action supporting the university’s development can be formulated with little effort.“

    - Daniela Mäder, Zurich University of Teacher Education (Switzerland)





  • "GOA software is flexible and suitable for any type of school as small schools as well as large  ones. It is a valuable tool that helps to quick and qualitative assessment of the processes, take decisions and set new development goals."

    - Virbu elementary school Director  Sandra Bremane

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    "Sophisticated and systematic software provides a self-assessment that is covering all management fields while helping to define tasks for further development. The assessment methodology is comprehensive and modern."


    -Garkalne Art and general secondary school Deputy Director Inese Muižniece




  • "This software is easy to work with and it gives an advantage to proceed successully the self-assessment process while at the same time creating a school improvement projects."

    -Riga 18th evening secondary Deputy Director Līga Liepiņa


  • "GOA-WorkBench® self-assessment software allowed to every employee become involved in the self-assessment process and to express their opinions. Software is very easy to use and data in reports are automatically consolidated."

    - Jelgava Spīdola Gymnasium Deputy Director Ritma Tīrumniece



  • „One of the advantages of GOA-WorkBench® software is the possibility to fastly consolidate the answers from various assessors. We will definitely use the software also for the Latvian school acreditation and the organisational planning in general .”

    -Rīga Jugla secondary school Deputy Director Egīls Zīle